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  • Incentives by Telangana Government
  • The Innovation Policy 2016
  • Internet of Things Policy 2017

Incentives by Telangana Government

Incentives by Telangana Government


Telangana State Industrial Development and Entrepreneur Advancement Scheme

  • 100% Stamp duty reimbursement
  • Power cost reimbursement @ Re. 1 per unit for 5 years
  • 15% subsidy up to 20 Lakhs Investment subsidy
  • 100% of VAT reimbursement for 5 years
  • Interest subsidy
  • Quality/patent support

Pace of Approvals – Ranked 2nd in comparison to other states. (Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self-Certification System (TS-iPASS) Act)


Incentives for mega projects and other areas of strategic importance

  • Medical electronics
  • Internet of Things
  • LEDs
  • Semiconductors
  • Displays
  • Aviation and automotive electronics

The Innovation Policy 2016

The Innovation Policy of the Government of Telangana is based around five broad pillars:


Developing physical infrastructure & program management capabilities

a. Infrastructure

  • Develop 1 million sft. of workspace dedicated to start-ups in the next 5 years
  • Partner will 20 global accelerators/incubators to build facilities in PPP mode
  • Build 2 incubators in Tier II locations of the State

b. Program Management

  • Reducing the time to set-up a business to 12 days or lesser
  • Hassle free system for obtaining construction, electricity, and property registration permits
  • Establishing favorable labor and intra-state goods movement regulations

Focusing on creating sustainable funding models, through funds and other instruments

  • Set up a fund-of-funds in which the govt will actively invest with matching capital in select Venture Capital Investors with significant potential
  • Expedite the launch of its early-stage investing vehicle T-Fund (Telangana Innovation Fund)
  • Have a T-SEED fund to fund startups in the seed stage
  • A Phoenix Fund to identify and attract entrepreneurs who have attempted at least one venture previously but not been successful

Developing human capital, by creating the right environment and support systems for learning, experimentation, and innovation from the early phases of education

a. Role of Academia

  • Shift from a marks driven to an innovation powered educational system
  • Establish an entrepreneur friendly academic apparatus
  • Create a barrier free environment for free flow of ideas

b. Culture, Nightlife and Safety

  • Collaborate with other countries to organize youth festivals (both entrepreneurship and entertainment) that will attract crowds from all parts of the globe to Hyderabad
  • Utilize its strong police and security infrastructure to provide a safe living environment for its citizens

Proactive engagement with industry to continuously promote and identify innovation

  • Appoint a Chief Innovation Officer – CInnO, State of Telangana Reporting to an Advisory Council
  • Have an Innovation Cell within the IT Ministry
  • Innovation in Large organizations through utilizing the resources that the large companies in Hyderabad provide to nurture innovation among their employees, people associated with these companies and the entrepreneurs of the State

Encouraging startups in the Rural and Social Enterprise space by providing additional incentives

a. Network

  • “Rural and Social Enterprise” incubator/accelerator for the growth of startups in this sector
  • Outposts of T-Hub built in Tier II cities of Telangana that will act as focal points for enterprises focusing on these regions
  • Enterprises falling under this category will have access to entire T-Hub network and events

b. Funding

  • Create a specific “Impact Fund” that will focus on rural and social enterprise

c. Other Initiatives

  • The government and T-Hub shall partner with leading entities such as World Bank, WHO etc. to fund and support projects with social cause in Telangana
  • Telangana shall be marketed as an ideal test-bed for students, youth and social entrepreneurs across the world to come and work on live projects in the state
  • Create a mechanism to outsource work and adopt technologies developed by rural entrepreneurs by becoming their largest customer
  • Encourage entrepreneurs by giving access to classified information for the purpose of creating apps and technologies for public good

Internet of Things Policy 2017

The Telangana Government has a 5-pillared approach under the IoT Policy 2017:


Develop World Class Infrastructure to Promote Development of IoT products

T-Works – A hardware prototyping centre set up by the Government of Telangana to promote IoT tech

  • Create test beds for IoT
  • Tie-up with corporate and labs for accessing testing tools and other prototyping equipment specific to IoT
  • Bring together mentors, experts, industry, makers, and funders
  • Provide world class prototyping facility to convert idea to prototypes and products
  • Work with government and innovators to identify and articulate Smart City related IoT problem and highlight potential solutions

Promote Manufacturing and Procurement of IoT Based Solutions

  • Customs Facilitation Cell: In order the reduce lead times and the costs associated with delays, a customs facilitation cell shall be set that will handhold companies in the process of international procurement
  • Procurement of Components used to Manufacture IoT devices: Facilitate electronics component distributors to set up their distribution centres in Telangana, reducing shipping times and costs
  • Government Procurement of IoT Products/Services: A formal mechanism to streamline procurement of new-age technologies
  • Earmarked Area for conducting PoCs: Regulatory support to enterprises and organizations developing innovative smart technology solutions and designated zones across different cities for piloting verified solutions

Provide Support to Startups in raising Capital

  • Set up a dedicated pavilion for IoT at investors’ meet that happens in the State, showcase IoT field as a focus area and partner with VC’s and other investment entities to generate funds to support innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Extend support to startups applying for central government funds
  • Local HNI angel networks
  • Crowdfunding

Create a ready-to-employ Talent Pool in the State

  • Work with institutions to augment curriculum to include IoT – already started by engaging with TASK and autonomous institutions by starting faculty training programs
  • Work with IoT Talent Consortiums to impart training in the areas of Manufacturing, Security and Data Analytics
  • Work with T-Works to provide the hands-on-training needed during the TASK instructions
  • Work with industry to understand latest technological innovations and incorporate them in the TASK training

Enter into Partnerships and Tie-Ups to Develop Know How

  • Collaborating with private sector for R&D
  • With IEEE and other industry forums on IoT
  • Organize IoT hackathons to encourage development of creative solutions to tackle present day problems
  • Set up corporate R&D centres on a PPP model to encourage innovative solutions
  • Attract global mentorship programs to develop the IoT system
  • Collaboration with foreign countries

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